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Meet Our Sires...


Owned by Danielle and Randy Scruggs


Registered Name:


Carolina Goldens Timber

  • Physical Traits:  large muscular build,  block head, dark flowing coat

  • Characteristics:  loving, playful, affectionate, attentive, loyal

  • Color:  Dark golden

  • Weight:  80-85

  • DOB: 12/10/2017



Registered Name:


Carolina Gilded I know You Rider

  • Physical Traits:  Petite yet strong build, block head, dark flowing coat

  • Characteristics:  Rider is incredibly smart, loves snuggling and being around people and other dogs. he has a strong work drive and is very gifted in the field. 

  • Color:  Dark golden

  • Weight:  55lbs

  • Currently training for a senior hunting title

  • DOB: 7/3/2019

Owned by Danielle and Randy Scruggs


Registered Name:


Carolina Goldens Augustus Mccrea

  • Physical Traits:  block head, show build, long flowing coat

  • Characteristics:  athletic, eager to please, intelligent, ball driven

  • Color:  Light

  • Weight:  75


Registered Name:

Sir george of bonaventure

  • Physical Traits:   

  • Characteristics:  

  • Color:  Dark Golden

  • Weight:  75

Retired Studs


Registered Name:


King Henry The Fifth

  • Physical Traits:  Muscular build, block head, and gorgeous eyes that he inherited from his momma

  • Characteristics:  Loyal, mellow, confident, gentle, obedient, handsome, loves going to work and taking trips to Lowes with his Dad.

  • Color:  Light

  • Weight:  85lbs

  • DOB:  August 25, 2013

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