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Our Favorite Products


TLC All Life Dog Food - TLC is the food we recommend and use daily. Your puppy will be on TLC Dog Food when they go to their new homes!

puppy book.jpg

Incredibly informative book with loads of training advice and insight into your dogs behaviors 


These puppy wipes are wonderful for touch ups, especially paws and faces, between baths


NuVet is a daily supplement to promote a strong immune system, incredible skin and coat and overall well-being. Our special order code is 43559 .


NuJoint DS is a hip and joint supplement can help dogs of all ages by promoting optimal joint health.


These treats are a CGR favorite! 

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Kuranda Dog Beds - THE BEST BEDS. The only bed you will ever need to buy. We also love the covers for indoor beds.


Puppy Heart Beat Toy helps to simulate the heart beat of mom and littermates, helping to make the transition to their new homes easier!


We love our forced air dryer! Cuts down on drying time and give that extra "floof". Looks like your pup came straight from the groomer 


We love this ear product! Great for if you notice any odor or build up. 


We LOVE this book - a great month by month book of what to expect from your Golden Retriever


Our pups love these toys!


A great natural flea preventative. Also good for your dogs coat!


These are long lasting and safe chew toys for your puppy


Our current favorite shampoo! Leaves the coat silky and helps with tangles

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